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What does that mean? As the author and creator of the text, images, etc. appearing on any of my sites, I am the only person who can use, reproduce, and/or distribute any of my creations.

Who is echo? That would be yours truly, the author of this document. The international copyright laws protect my work even if there is no "© yyyy name" statement present, no links or references to this document or any other mention of copyright.

There are other monikers I use either in conjunction with or apart from "echo". Some of the sobriquets include: e, echolalia, echoic, echoing, echoverse, the echoverse, echolalalalia, moonball, spun by moonball, 6:42 ECHOES, 6:42, 6:42 ECHOES 23:31, moonball plasticine, opel, opel barrett, opelesque, Bernie Calhoun, The E-Z PASS Bandit... There are others, but they are not printed here for the following reasons: a) I don't want to reveal certain pseudomyns and/or b) I cannot think of them at the moment. My loss of memory — or reluctance to disclose noms de plume — does not mean that anything published under a name that isn't on the aforementioned list is up for grabs. It is all protected.

Rest assured that I've created a hell of a lot of stuff. Said stuff is mine, mine, mine. It is also all covered by copyright. The fruits of my labor are not here for you to copy and/or pretend you authored any of it. If you do, you are committing theft. Plus you'll make me angry, and we definitely don't want that.

So... Don't steal anything! That's what this notice is all about. Please respect my rights as an artist. I do not claim to own every single thing on all of my sites, hence the inclusion of "unless otherwise noted" in the copyright statement. (Credit for works other than my own is included on the site in which it appears.)

If you'd like to use any of my creations for any purpose, please contact me at this address: e [at] echoing [dot] org.
Likewise, please report any suspected copyright violations immediately. Your cooperation is extremely appreciated!

Thanks to:
What is Copyright Protection? and 10 Big Myths about copyright explained.

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